Assistive Technology for the Blind and Low Vision

by Stephanie Arnold


  • Over 34 million Americans suffer from (severe) visual impairments that cannot be corrected with glasses.
  • There are many different types of blindness and low vision impairment, just like any other disability each individuals experience is different
  • Assistive technology allows individuals who are blind or visually impaired to navigate throughout out sighted world
  • Since different people need different technologies for everyday based on their individual needs this is not a completely inclusive representation of all blind tech

Services and Resources for the Blind: Virginia


  • Virginia Federation of The Blind
    •  Provide services and training (free cane)
  • The Library and Resource Center
    • Inventory of adaptive equipment: braille textbooks, audiobooks, software, anda foldable cane folded into 4 sections, the first 3 sections colored white and the bottom section colored redcanes
  • American Council for The Blind
    •  Activate for equality and resources to increase independence, equality, opportunity, and quality of life (provide jobs and services)
  •  MaxiAids and LSSproducts
    • Individual responsibility to find and pay for products and assistive Technology

Low Vision

  • Playing Cards
  • Magnified Telephone Sticker Numbers
    • Also used for keyboards
  • Magnifiers
    • Merlin: desktop magnifier

Daily Living

  • Wake up: Alarm/watch
  • Pick out clothing: Identifier buttons
  • Put on sunglasses: due to irritation from light
  • Brush teeth: Squirt toothpaste in mouth not brush
  • Cooking: Tactile sticker, Use finger to measure amount of substance in measuring cup
  • Eating: White plate on black surface (plate shield)
  • Medication: Use bar code labeler to identify, dropper cover
  • Recreation: listen to audio book, use cell phone, or walk on treadmill (buttons)

blue eye dropper cover attached to a white bottle of eye drops held by a white womanblack pair of sun glassespurple glass plate with a plate shield on one side                                                  bar code labeler reading the bar code on a bottle of medication held by a white hand


  • Tactile Stickers     
  • Bump Dots
  • Clothing Identifiers (shapes)
  • Braille Clothing Identifiers

bump dots of varying textures and colors  clothing identifiers of varying colors and shapes with holes so they can be applied to clothes hangersa pile of clothes labels with different clothing descriptors(e.g. "striped") printed in ink and braille3 sets of tactile stickers(microwave, oven, washer) filled with stickers of varying shapes, each corresponding to a different button on the device(e.g. start, cancel)

Identifiers Continued: Labeling Systems

  •  Voila
  •  Pen Friend  Z Voice
  •  Talking Color Detector

Assistive Technology

  • Voice Recognition Memo Book
  •  Orbit Tracker
  •  Sunu Band
  •  Reizen Talking Watch
  •  Smart Phone (Alexa, Siri, Etc.)

School and Office Use

  •  Talking 10 Digit Calculator
  • Audio Book
  •  Writing Guide Kit
  •  Tactile Pen
  •  Typoscope Check Guide
  •  Bold Line Neon Paper
  •  Computer Software (*jaws, Nonvisual Desktop Access Screen Reader(Text To Speech)

Logo for the JAWS screen reader

talking 10 digit calculator with a pair of headphones             set of typoscopic reading guides of varying sizes and formats3 sheets brightly colored bold line neon paper of varying colors                     typoscope check guide

tactile penaudiobook player


  •  Printer (32 Cell)
  •  Notebook Paper
  •  Stylus Writing Tool
  •  Keyboard Cover
  • Games
  • Watch
  • Clock

black braille keyboard cover   green stylus writing tool      notebook paper32 cell braille printer          braille bingo setbananagrams set with braille letters accompanying black printed letters        tactile clock with bumps to designate the sections of the clock       tactile watch with bumps at various sections of the face to designate the different times