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  • Becoming Interplanetary Webcast Available

    The webcast (with transcript!) of the sessions from the Becoming Interplanetary event are now online, here on the Library of Congress page.

  • Disabled People in Space

    Journalist Rose Eveleth (of “The Hidden Burden of Exoskeletons” we read in T&D class) just published an article in WIRED about disabled people in space – this includes interviews with the Gallaudet Eleven’s David Myers, the Disability Visibility Project’s Alice Wong (from the MedEx talk we view), and Disability Designer Mallory K. Nelson (with the…

  • Disabled People in Space – Becoming Interplanetary

    A note: I had the great pleasure of participating in a panel discussion as part of the Becoming Interplanetary Event at the Kluge Center of the Library of Congress I’m still buzzing from the amazing range of new ideas and cool stuff that this meant. The event consisted of 3 panels and 3 performances. The amazing…