Welcome to the website and homepage of Technology & Disability.

This webpage reflects content and themes from “Technology and Disability” at Virginia Tech, a course developed by Dr. Ashley Shew, as well as work on an NSF-funded CAREER Project on”Disability, Experience, and Technological Imagination” (#1750260), running from July 2018 to June 2023.

Our team, led by PI Ashley Shew, will be curating information for our and other classrooms about the lived experience of disability in the context of media and design narratives that feature disabled bodies. We’re engaging in humanities research related to how disabled people describe their experience and lives in relationship to technologies.

About this Page:

On this page, you can find:

  • information about past runs Technology & Disability class,
  • information about Dr. Shew’s research program,
  • information from research team members, and
  • links to other wonderful course sites and blogs related to disability (some amazing stuff out there).

Image of white skin tone prosthetic feet

If you have any queries, please email shew@vt.edu.