Other Sites

These are some resources that I often consult as I think about technologies and disability.

Handy Links for Course Participants

National Center on Disability and Journalism: Useful Style Guide on Disability and Language – helpful for those of you who have chosen to write something as part of your Adventure Plans: https://ncdj.org/style-guide/

Course Pages of Other People’s Classes

These are pages of classes at other universities that have topics that intersect with our own course theme or provide additional resources in areas that we will not make focal in this course.

Annotating Disability Studies: A class project developed by Lauren Obermark, this site provides an annotated bibliography of topic areas in disability studies. The student have provided wonderful descriptions of the links they give:  https://annotatingds.wordpress.com/

Black Disabled Woman Syllabus Compilation: Vilissa Thompson of Ramp Your Voice! provides a wonderful reading list that highlights the voices of black disabled women: http://rampyourvoice.com/2016/05/05/black-disabled-woman-syllabus-compilation/

Disability in Media: This class site on Disability in the Media developed by Natalie Martiniello is fantastic; it has units worth reading on the SuperCrip Phenomenon and other common tropes in the communication and coverage of disability: http://www.trinimex.ca/disabilityinmedia/index.htm

Understanding Disability Through Mass Media: Beth Haller’s course on this topic focuses on the representation of disability and includes a fanatastic list of blogs and memoirs and other material: https://bethhaller.wordpress.com/syllabi/understanding-disability-through-mass-media/?fref=gc&dti=815091775182425

Disability Community Blogs

Sometimes these blogs talk about technologies and infrastructure related to disabilities. (Note that some disabled folks are reclaiming “cripple” or “crip” in the way that some in the LGBT community have reclaimed “queer.”)

Autistic Hoya: Lydia Brown focuses on autistic culture and pride at Autistic Hoya – some great reflections on language and higher ed too: http://www.autistichoya.com/

Bad Cripple: Bill Peace, Syracuse University, keeps a blog where he’s posted about our society’s misguided prioritization of walking, as well as thoughts about access, parenting and disability, and more: http://badcripple.blogspot.com/

Born Just Right: Jen Lee Reeves writes about her experiences as a mother with a limb different child and writes passionately about the image and limits of prosthetics. Her post “Prosthetics do not change everything” is useful in thinking about media coverage of prosthetic tech: http://www.bornjustright.com/

Disability Rights Bastard: The Disability Rights Bastard blogs about disability coverage in the news and culture: https://disabilityrightsbastard.wordpress.com/

Smartass Cripple: Mike Ervin, disability activist, keeps a sarcastic blog about disability inspiration, poor cultural narratives about disability, and other relevant topics: http://smartasscripple.blogspot.com/

Star in Her Eye: Heather Kirn Lanier, author and poet, writes about parenting a child with a disability, and has a great post about assistive walkers and imagery of disability (among other great posts): https://starinhereye.wordpress.com/

Words I Wheel By: Emily Ladau blogs about technologies, access, and disability: http://wordsiwheelby.com/

On Teaching

Maxims for Teachers: I trust the words of my dear friend and brilliant historian of medicine colleague Monique Dufour. She often beautifully articulates approaches to teaching, learning, and being an instructor that I admire and appreciate. My teaching style and approach often reflect the conversations we have had about pedagogy. She blogs her Maxims for Teachers here: http://moniquedufour.com


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