Mid-Semester Post

So far this semester, the following activities and discussions have been introduced —

Field Trips to the library to learn how to measure bathrooms to ADA Title II specifications with Mike Kutnak and to the Assistive Tech Lab with Christa Miller.

Pam Vickers, ADA Coordinator, and Mike Kutnak came to our class to tell us about the ADA and their work.

Josh Earle, class participant, led us in discussion and reflection on the history of eugenics.

We’ve talked about the social model of disability, inclusion v. compliance, transhumanism, eugenics, social resistance to new technologies, media depictions of disability, social meanings of mobility technologies, pre-ADA retrofit, the policing of disability, and identity issues as they relate to technology choice.

Technologies we’ve looked at in particular include ones aimed at hearing, mobility and walking, online access, and infrastructure.

I’ve been pleased by the engagement of the class. Many of your adventure plans are looking great, and I’m excited about our last three classes of presentations about the work you are developing. Thanks for playing along!






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