In the midst of grading…..

This class has been excellent. The material results of this class include: a graphic novella about prenatal diagnostics, ADA surveys of campus locations, a new design for adaptive ski harnessing, statistical data on disability in engineering curricula, many exciting potential units for classes (including units on the Friendly Restaurant accessibility project in Taiwan, technologies used by communities in the context of mental illness and dwarfism and blindness,  and more),  a few good syllabi for classes related to this one, and some really funky-fun research papers. The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure grading system has made this the most diverse set of projects and papers I’ve ever gotten from a class, and it’s been a pleasure to grade.  (Who says that?)  I couldn’t be more proud of a set of students. They have really engaged and tackled interesting questions.

I hope the material results reflect the intellectual results for all students. I have rethought many things, and their questions and comments have given me many things to think about — which is great because I’ve been told the class will run again in Fall 2016!

Thanks to all the participants. And thanks to Jonathan for putting some of the student work on the site for others to view!







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  1. Olivia Avatar

    Great read thankss


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