OpEd – Anxiety and College Students: An Invisible Illness?

by Hannah Butcher

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Autistic Activism

by Cara Boim and Hannah Ridings

This presentation discusses the shift in definition of autism to a biologically rooted disorder and an “epidemic” through the lens of autistic activism, hypothesizing causes for and pointing out issues inherent in this discourse.  The role of Autism Speaks in contributing to a pathologizing narrative is discussed, using the example of the 2009 “I Am Autism” video.  Social versus medical models of disability are compared, and the work of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) in response to the 2007 “Ransom Notes” campaign is discussed as an example of autistic activism.

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Chronicle Article

After the Sit Out protest that a group of us staged on my university’s campus, to protest the university’s lack of accessibility in planning, as demonstrated by the new set of stairs without any marked or nearby ramped access, I stood in my shower and sobbed. I couldn’t get a hold of myself. I tried … Continue reading Chronicle Article