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  • Sexual Assault and Survivors with Disabilities

    Work by Cara Boim

  • Tech & Dis on Flash Forward Podcast

    Former Tech & Disability student Tim Pote and I are interviewed as part of Rose Eveleth’s Flash Forward Podcast, this episode entitled “Enter the Exos”. Also included among interviewees are Bill Peace and Kim Sauder, two folks we read in class when we discuss exoskeletons. Link here: Flash Forward Podcast, Enter the Exos

  • CRISPR-CAS9: What is it and what are its implications?

    by Maggie Rudnicki  

  • OpEd – The Importance of Gaining Proper Sex Education for People with Disabilities

    by Maggie Rudnicki Sex education is an incredibly important part of any child’s education and will shape their beliefs and experiences going into sexual maturity. The urge to reproduce is one of our most basic biological imperatives that goes back to Darwinian evolution – we are driven to survive and reproduce. It is, therefore, of…

  • OpEd – Anxiety and College Students: An Invisible Illness?

    by Hannah Butcher Are you really having an anxiety attack, or are you just having a bad day? It can’t be that bad.

  • Gastrointestinal Health Technologies

    by Owen Baylosis What is an Ostomy? An ostomy is a surgery performed to redirect stool or urine  out of the body Reasons Rectum/ Colon cancer Intestinal injury Inflammatory bowel disease Obstruction Diverticulitis Through this surgery, part of the intestine is rerouted through the abdominal wall to create a stoma A stoma is a piece…

  • Autistic Activism

    by Cara Boim and Hannah Ridings This presentation discusses the shift in definition of autism to a biologically rooted disorder and an “epidemic” through the lens of autistic activism, hypothesizing causes for and pointing out issues inherent in this discourse.  The role of Autism Speaks in contributing to a pathologizing narrative is discussed, using the…

  • Tech & Dis at STS Undergrad Research Day

    Three students from STS 3284: Tech & Dis presented their work at STS Undergraduate Research Day, two of whom were interviewed by VT News prior to the event, coverage here.  

  • Tech and Dis Class OFFICIAL SPRING 2018

    Just received word of approval for STS 3284: Technology and Disability!!!! This is now an official course offering and not a rotating topics course!!!! If you are looking to take STS 3284 during SPRING 2018, course sign-ups are open! The CRN is 20072 if you don’t want to go surfing through the timetable. We will…

  • Technoableism, Cyborg Bodies, and Mars

    I’ve been tweeting for the @WeAreDisabled this week, and I worked my way to talking about tech (and not just disability issues) today. The thread where I briefly lay out my own current work is here: @ashleyshoo on @WeAreDisabled. I am copying the text below for two reasons: (1) this seems like a blog post…