Thinking about becoming a Medicine & Society minor? Technology & Disability should count toward it! Find out more information here. The MSOC webpage has handy forms. The minor is easy to sign up for, and the classes are the best.

Technology & Disability will also be part of a developing Pathways Minor in Disability Studies. Please see me for more information.


These are forms from my department (STS@VT) that I am afraid won’t be as handy as our departmental page migrates to a new format. Saving them for easy personal access here:

Reimbursement Request: sts-reimbursement-request-form-102015 This form is used for all requests for reimbursement except for travel expenses. This includes meals with candidates, guest speakers, etc. If using this form for this purpose, please list all individuals that attended for which you are claiming reimbursement. Original receipts must be attached. Also, if you are not using grant funds or a subaccount assigned to you our chair must sign approving the payment to be taken from departmental funds BEFORE turning in the form to me . Please be sure to list in detail the purpose of purchasing the item. For books, list if they were purchased for research or teaching; this is a crucial distinction required for the form that is later sent to the Controller’s Office. 

Travel Estimate and Approval: requestfortravelapproval This form should be used for all travel including travel sponsored through a sponsored programs fund. The form must be completed and presented to Doris Shelor PRIOR TO incurring expenses for the trip. The Head or designee is authorized to approve travel expenses for one, two, or three employees. This requirement is necessary because a written approval form provides documentation of approved travel in case of accident, worker’s compensation, or other liability issues. A copy of the approved form must be attached to all expenditure documents, including the travel reimbursement voucher, the registration payment voucher, the Air Travel Services Form, and the American Express purchasing card certification form. 

Travel Reimbursement Form: travel-reimbursement-form-spring-2015 This form should be used for all travel expenses. Please attach original receipts and read the form carefully to see where receipts are needed.


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