Spring 2019 Materials

For Thursday, January 24th, please read the following before coming to class. These readings are from popular media publications and are very quick and accessible reads. Please don’t be frightened by the number; they are all short!

For Tuesday, January 29th, we will not meet formally as a class. Instead, I ask that you use the time during our class to watch the documentary Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement (please take notes while you watch; you may need to login through VT libraries to stream the video).

We will discuss the film in class on Thursday, January 31st. Please also read Harriet McBryde Johnson’s last chapter from her memoir: Johnson_TooLate_LastChap_v4.pdf

For Tuesday, February 5th: We have the pleasure of having Martina Svyantek coming to discuss “Access Fails” with us. For this class please read the following blog posts from disabled community members:

For Thursday, February 7th, we’ll continue to discuss infrastructure. Please watch this tour of a new building in Toronto before coming to class:

David Lepofsky tours new Ryerson building (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Week on Hearing, Deafness, and Technology:

Tuesday, February 12: Please read the following short opinion articles:

Thursday, February 14th, there is an article uploaded to Canvas to read before this class:

Week on Prostheses:

For Tuesday, February 19th, please read:

For Thursday, February 21st, please read:

More will be added to the schedule as we move along.