Fall 2019 Schedule

Schedule of Readings

****Note: this is a preliminary schedule and the last few weeks of the class I have left flexible. Expect changes, especially after the first few weeks. I will update this page as we go through the semester.****

Class starts Tuesday, August 26th. Our first class — Disorientation:

August 28: Introduction

September 3: The Crux: Fixed: Watch on Canopy prior to class.

September 5: Student one-on-one meetings – No class

September 10: Infrastructure

September 12: Infrastructure and Identity: SUBMIT ADVENTURE PLANS

September 17: Audism & Deafness

September 19 Audism & Deafness

  • Optional: Harlan Lane’s “The Construction of Deafness” (CANVAS)
  • Brenda Bruggeman’s “On (Almost) Passing” (CANVAS)

September 24: Amputees and Prostheses

September 26: Amputees and Prostheses:

October 1: Blindness and Technologies with Guest Christa Miller of Accessible Technologies

October 3: Vision and Blindness

  • Readings TBA

October 8: Eugenics and Institutionalization and Contemporary Abuse

October 10: Eugenics and Institutionalization

October 15: Discriminatory Research into Technological Interventions with Guest Lecture by Rua Williams

October 17: Neurodiversity, Community, and Action

//ADAPT on the Judge Rotenberg Center and ADAPTers tweet with the hashtags #stoptheshock and #ADAPTandRESIST.

October 22: Disability Accessibility Laws / Civil Rights Legislation

October 24: Service Dogs: Guest Discussant Hanna Herdegen

  • Excerpt from Stephen Kuusisto (CANVAS)
  • A collection of twitter threads

October 29: Sports

October 31: Arts: Guest Discussant Mallory Kay Nelson, Disability Design Specialist (to be confirmed)

November 5: Disabled Futurity

November 7: Genes and Futures

November 12: Electronic Visit Verification and Disabled Freedoms: Guest Panel: Damien P. Williams and Dominick Evans

  • Readings and Twitter Threads TBD

November 14: Community Care

  • Excerpt from Care Work
  • Listenings from Disability Visibility Project

November 19: Presentations – ADA sharing

November 21: Presentations – Other

December 3: Presentations and/or Book Appointments

December 5: Book Appointments

December 10: Last Day of Class: What is the relationship between disability and technology?

December 11: QUIZ 2 DUE

Additional Unit – Potential if we have time, but listed for student interest: Exoskeletons: Zoltan Istvan’s “In the Transhumanist Age, We Should Be Repairing Sidewalks, Not Disabilities” + Replies to this article – students should pick one of these to read: Rose Eveleth’s “The Hidden Burden of Exoskeletons for the Disabled” + Kim Sauder’s “When Celebrating Accessible Technology Reinforces Ableism”  + Emily Ladau’s “Fix Discriminatory Attitudes, Not Sidewalks”