Spring 2018 Schedule

Schedule of Readings

Class starts Tuesday, January 16th. More updates before then. Our first in-class readings: Harriett McBryde Johnson’s p. 38-41 from Accidents of Nature, Emily Ladau’s “The Complexities of Curing Disabilities,” Stella Young’s TEDx Talk

January 18: Judith Butler’s Walk with Sunaura Taylor, Sylvia Yee’s “People with Disabilities Should Not Be Defined by Technologies They Do or Don’t Use,” +  Harriet McBryde Johnson’s_Too Late to Die Young Last Chapter

January 23: Infrastructure and Identity: Rose Eveleth’s The Limits of Empathy + Bess Williamson’s “Electric Moms and Quad Drivers” (CANVAS > FILES) + Rosemarie Garland-Thomson’s “Becoming Disabled”

//If you want to read a bit more about ADAPT, which we touched on briefly on Jan 18, David Perry has a great new interview with long-time ADAPTer Anita Cameron.

January 25: Infrastructure and Identity: Corbett O’Toole’s Fading Scars Chapter 9 (CANVAS) + Bill Peace’s Letter #3 + Stephen Kuusisto’s Letter #4Imani Barbarin’s “Things I’ve Learned in this Black Female Body.”

January 30: Exoskeletons: Zoltan Istvan’s “In the Transhumanist Age, We Should Be Repairing Sidewalks, Not Disabilities” + Replies to this article – students should pick one of these to read: Rose Eveleth’s “The Hidden Burden of Exoskeletons for the Disabled” + Kim Sauder’s “When Celebrating Accessible Technology Reinforces Ableism”  + Emily Ladau’s “Fix Discriminatory Attitudes, Not Sidewalks”

February 1: Being Looked At: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson’s “Hands” (CANVAS) + Lynn Manning’s “Magic Wand”

February 6: Guest Visit from Pam Vickers, VT ADA Director + Please peruse ADA Title II Primer + Read Bill Peace’s Letter #4 

February 8: FIELD TRIP TO MEASURE BATHROOMS IN THE LIBRARY + ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

Monday, February 12: Last day to turn in Adventure Plans (See CANVAS to submit)

February 13: Guest Visit from Mike Kutnak, ADA Specialist+ David Lepofsky tours new Ryerson buidling

February 15: Eugenics and Audism: Nathaniel Comfort’s The Science of Human Perfection Epilogue + IEET’s “Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents are Licensed”

February 20: Guest lecturer: Josh Earle, PhD STS student. Read:Adam Cohen’s Imbeciles Ch 1 + Margaret Sanger’s Ch 5

February 22: Hearing and Deafness: Harlan Lane’s “The Construction of Deafness” + Brenda Bruggeman’s “On (Almost) Passing” +

February 27: Documentary on Cochlear Implants + “Stop Sharing Those Feel-Good Cochlear Implant Stories”

March 1: Discussion, Catch-up, and Check-in Day

**Spring Break**

March 13: MURDERBALL Documentary + Corbett O’Toole’s “Court Crips” (CANVAS)

March 15: Disability Coverage TBD, but a watching of clips about paralympics and other disability sports

March 20: Sports: Guest visit from Dr. Karen DePauw, Graduate School Dean + “Disability, Sport, and Physical Activity” + Karen DePauw’s “(In)visbility in Disability”

March 22: Prosthetics: Raman Srinivasan’s “Technology Sits Cross-Legged” (full paper posted on CANVAS) + Catherine Campbell’s “Giving up a 3-D Printed Prosthetic for a Different Vision of Perfect” + Donna Walton’s “What’s a Leg Got to Do With it?” 

March 27: FIXED + Bill Peace’s “The Paralyzed Bride Draws My Ire”

March 29: Genes: Alice Wong’s MEDx talk + HMJ’s “Unspeakable Conversations” + James C. Wilson’s “(Re)Writing the Genetic Body Text” + Katie Booth’s “What I learned…”

—- Still scheduling beyond this point – trying to get a trip to the Assistive Tech Lab, will add articles on AT, tech for the blind, universal design —

April 3:

April 5:

Selection: David Perry’s “We’re Failing Our Test Run” + Peter-Paul Verbeek’s Obstetrical Ultrasound article excerpt (CANVAS) + Chris Kaposky’s “Do We Really Need An Even Better Screening Test for Down Syndrome?

Rachel Adams’s “Choices” + Ruth Hubbard’s “Abortion and Disability: Who Should and Should Not Inhabit the World?”

April 10:

April 12:

April 17* Work Day

April 19: Presentations

April 24: Presentations

April 26: Presentations

Friday, April 27: STS Undergraduate Research Day

May 1: Presentations/Last Day of Class