Summer Publications

This summer has been busy with finishing up last details for an edited volume, proofreading my forthcoming book, and working on a major grant app. In the meantime, two of my shorter essays have found venues and been published:

All of this pales personal excitement has coincided with the energizing news of ADAPT protests and arrests at offices of legislators in different spots in the country. Honestly, it’s been hard to get much done, so busy watching the assertion of disability rights and the value of disabled life in the face of devastating legislation. I *wish* this was happening during the academic year so that students could keep up with the action unfolding. I look forward to the conversations I will have this fall with students. Disability organizing and action has made national news in ways that are only rarely seen!


Author: techanddis

Dr. Ashley Shew, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech. Please address queries to

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